Welcome to the free classified sites Here are the are terms and conditions followed by us and to be followed by all the users of this site. These are known as Acceptable Use Policy and once users begin using the website of, they should be aware regarding the terms and conditions of this website. They all should agree to and admit the terms and conditions of this site. Yet again, when a user accepts all the terms and conditions, the user will also accept the listing policy as well as the privacy policy of

  1. Using

Each user must recognize that is maintained with all advanced internet facility and this can do an improved contact among all the traders. This will assist in appropriate classified ads of different types of products and services. Buyers and sellers of services and products should realize that by no means we keep any products to sell them to buyers. We are also not engaged in endorsement of any product. We would like to make it sure that all the users should be conscious earlier than replacing goods and services with others. We always possess essential security tips within our terms and conditions.

  1. All the personal information offered by all users is considered by our professional team reliable and precise. Users need to register with our site or they need to list classifieds. According to the details offered by you through the discussion forum we possess with you. At this time you must decide that you will be most accountable person for all your information you supply. You will also be answerable for all the listings you do with our site.
  2. Users are needed to be fixed with all the facts regarding posting  any Information :
  •  any information should never be fake and present the wrong idea to customers or should never relate to selling any illegal or smuggled products 
  • No user is allowed to offer unlawful products and services or no one has the right to give permission to any listing of which the consumer is not real owner.
  • Should not oppose with the intellectual property right or any other trade secrets
  • Materials listed here shall not at all motivate prejudice or intolerance. No such service should be there to present any service prejudice to any caste, race, gender, class or nationality
  • will not serve any product or service which will be related to pornography and will be

Obscene or will have any such item which can present women offensively. Such services or products will certainly infringe demonstration of Women (prohibition) Act 1986.

No article will have spam or harmful articles which can destroy any document.

  • Products should never propose any kind of product which can increase virus and affect the fame of No user is allowed to our classified site to harm the rights of other users of the free India classified
  •  will never trade or deal with any service or products which can defy the rules reign within the state or country. Such activities are totally forbidden under the terms of conditions of
  • All products or services shall be categorized with accurate group.


• The users of will surely give the authorization to get hold of communications through electronic communications such as mails, sms or otherwise connected to the essential services offered here in this website


III) Any user who is attached with our website directly should be responsible for protecting the User ID or password or essential email address. One is supposed to keep on eyes on putting a limit on the access to the computer system or network and certainly the account of Once more, any direct user of will be in charge for all the connected movements that are happening under the User ID and password of the users. The AUP of will be appropriate to all users who are accessing this classified site instead of registering on the site and using this site on electronic devices.


2.  Using

All user, whether they are registered users of or they are using this site by any other different ways should be the Citizens of the Republic of India and they must be major i.e age should be more than 18 yrs of age. All of them should be capable of entering into a binding agreement. The users should not banned by any law which is prevailed in India for the time being in force. Once, any user use as registered user or by any other way should have full authority to conduct any legal entity.The authorized person has the right to do any listing and posting for any product or service.


3. Breach of terms by User

We the team of possesses the right to abandon any listing or posting of advertisement once we discover that the users do not agree to the terms of conditions of us. In case the listing of information related to any services or products infringe the provision of this AUP, we will conclude the membership as well as the registration of the user to right of entry to the Site.


4. Inform to

As soon as you become registered with our free classified sites you should consent to update the team of that if there is any such listing or posting of advertisement that can disobey the terms of policy of Yet again if such posting is unpleasant too then also registered users are also requested to notify us so that we can make it probable to keep site running effectively and securely. We, the expert team of, posses the right to dismiss any listing or posting any advertisement or information which can breach our regulation and we can also put an end to the services obtainable by our team. We also possess the right to take necessary legal steps to put off the exploitation of the Site.You are always welcome to contact with our support team once you feel any problem while using this site.


5. Contents for posting

Our classified site possesses the content comprehensive of user’s Information, details of our classified site and additional appropriate information from other users too. The users require to agree that no listing should be copied and modified breaking the copyright and trademark rules of Once users of our site provide us details of them, they also provide us the right to circulate the content of any listing. The users should give us eternal, worldwide, permanent, right and also give us the power to make use of, bring out, interpret, allocate, execute different ad contents. Our team will need this right to display all your contents.


6. Liabilityof users to maintain

As you get registration with you require to give consent to the facts that you will never hold legally responsible the employees or agents or the officers working and maintaining our site for any incorrect listing or posting of your classified ads. Our staffs will not be legally accountable for any utilization, unlawfulaction or any third party content. This is because, most of the listings or publishing of information are created by diverse users directly to this site.


7. Sharing of personal Information

During using, users should grant to proper gathering, moving and secure protection of all private details. Once the user submits the personal information to us, he or she provides consent to the team of to show the details publicly worldwide. Every registered user also has permission to receive necessary advertising interactions from us.


8. General policy to follow

We have the right to inform the AUP as well as the listing policy any moment when we feel it is critical. On successful updation we will send you the relevant details of this through making a post on the display board or with the help of email notifications. The changed Listing Policy shall be taken into consideration when any user places any content on the Site or this changed policy will be in effectsubsequent to a period of 30 days from the modified date, which is earlier.


9. Services for third Party listing


Other entities, known as third parties, can work the link of In such a situation, if any user likes to scrutinize our site, then he or she can do this at their threat, instead of the fact that the terms and condition, listing policy and privacy policy may be dissimilar from that site of third party. Regarding taking essential preservative matters all the users of our site will be responsible so that no virus or any other destructive elements can encounter any smash up to our site. We do not engage in endorsing any linked website or by no means present any warranty to any product or service.

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