Safety Tips for sellers and buyers

Safety tips that every seller should follow during selling any product

1. Every seller must be sure that the mobile numbers provided by the seller can not be misused by any others. Sellers are requested not to put any personal identity on the advertisements

2. All buyers should be confirmed of the fact that the price that have been fixed by the sellers can be obtained from the buyers.

3.  You must be sure that you do not have to go to any remote place to get the actual price of your product.

4. Whether the buyer with whom you are meeting is honest or not that must be observed by every seller.

5.  Sellers should upload appropriate photos in appropriate format so that buyers can get detailed knowledge about all these products

6. Regarding services, sellers should mention the details of the services properly so that buyers can get all details regarding the services

7. Sellers are advised to demand cash payment only. Otherwise there may be chances of cheating.

8. If any seller is planning to meet the buyers then sellers should meet the buyers at public place at daytime for security purpose.

9. Sellers should not hand over goods until he or she get the full payment

10. Sellers must have knowledge over the fake currencies so that no buyer can do fraud

11. Once a buyer is planning to sell a product then hand to hand transfer will be the best option

12. If the sellers find that there is bulk order then the sellers must check the credentials of all the buyers. ID proofs and other important documents must be checked.

13. Sellers should communicate with buyers as much as possible to get more details about the sellers.

14.  Sellers should not encourage buyers in installments. They should ask buyers to pay in full.

15. No seller shall reveal his or her user ID and password




Safety tips for buyers during buying any product or service

  1. Every buyer should be careful regarding quality and price of the product. They must be sure of the fact that the products they buying are useful for them.
  2. Customers must be assured of the fact that the products they are buying do not have any bad background.
  3. Buyers should always meet up the seller at a safe place at daytime. One should be assured that no one needs to go to any remote place to pick up the product
  4. Every buyer should be aware that the offer made by the sellers is realistic one. This is because any unrealistic offer can make buyers to take decisions in hurry.
  5. Buyers should be aware regarding transfer of funds. Buyers should try to make payment in cash and should avoid transferring debit card or credit card to sellers for payment
  6. Regarding payment, price and mode of delivery of goods, every buyer should ask about the clear information
  7. Buyers should make payment only in that mode where he or she finds comfortable for them
  8. No agent should be involved there during purchase and buyers should purchase products directly from sellers
  9. For any electronic goods, buyers should check the working condition of each product.
  10. For vehicles buyers should check the chassis numbers
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