Privacy Policy


All the companies today follow their own privacy policy. Privacy policy reflects the security measures taken by a company. This customer of in no means will feel any shortage of safety regarding preservation of the personal data. The team of professionals in is able to gather essential private details of any buyer and protect them securely. For this reason if personal information of any customer is shared then it is said that the customer has given consent with the privacy policy of  We always follow modern and superior technology to keep up the private data safely. We assemble the following details from the customers

  • E-mail address
  • contact numbers
  • Residential and office address
  • economic information (if required only)

Once those details mentioned above are collected from the customers we accumulate these particulars inside our record. Besides, we maintain the documentation of other applicable information as well such as IP address of any individual computer from where our site is checked and other details on web log.

We are eligible in maintaining utmost security in keeping a sound track of all the information of each customer and we make use of this information in the following means.

  • We  provide our own services with these information only
  • these information will help in lessening the dispute
  • In sorting out any problem the information are applied vastly.
  • To have safe trading these personal details will always
  • We can put into effect our policies in an appropriate way
  • We can offer adequate marketing service with these information
  • These personal details assist in modifying user’s experience
  • This will aid in evaluating our service
  • such information are always recommended for promotional offers


  • protects all information connected to every customer. We always pay attention towards protecting these information top secret and we by no means reveal these information to any exterior association.
  • We realize the significance of this information and for that reason we pay essential concern to keep these private details safe and secured. We not at all will put up for sale these personal details of customers or will offer on lease to any third party.
  • Here we may require revealing the personal details to the Government on time to time to follow the government directives. Yet, we assure that will disclose these data under appropriate power.
  •  We are bound to disclose these personal information any judicial purpose. Unveiling these data connecting to any corruption or scam case is our major responsibility towards the administration of the country.
  • At the time of putting into effect our policies, we may also require to release this personal private information of buyers and sellers. This is essential to respond to argue that posting any listing has violated the right of other people and security of any other person.
  • We are required to unveil these individual information help any corporate associate to  prevent any illegal act,
  • We require revealing personal details of any client to the service providers who aid a lot to our business functions.

All the customers can use all essential information from to do a nonstop follow up with any additional user regarding a particular posting of listing.

Simple access, alteration with correctness and Deletion

Customers here possess the right to remove or amend any personal detail after doing an absolute review of every posting. At this time one can get in touch with with customer support to check all personal information and can resolve them.


Data security

In keeping data safely we always give essential concentration to maintain security appropriately. We tag on advanced method such as encryption technology, passwords, substantial security and other safety measures of every data stored with us. Here all customers are also advised to convey all data linking to personal information with greatest protection.



Privacy of Information

Every customer who likes to use of the fundamental characteristic of are informed that all these characteristics will bring out the information the data listed at the time of using the features of our site.  In this situation every user has the individual accountability of posting any individual information so that greatest safety can be sustained over there.

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