General Questions


  • I am not able to Log in


Sometimes it may happen that you have logged in but you are still getting back to unlogged in. this may be caused due to your browser is not ready to accept the cookies. Cookies are needed to be turned on otherwise our classified site will not work. Here you need to click Internet Explorer then Tools option and the internet options. Here you need to click on the Privacy TAB and then click the options as per your need either low or high or medium.


  • I face problem to see my ad


If any time you see that your are facing problem  with seeing your ad on the site, you need to check the version of classified site you are using. If your browser does not allow cookies of our site then you will not be able to see your post. Here you need to allow cookies in classified by selecting the options as below: Click on Tools option in the internet explorer Then choose internet option Select the Security Tab Click on the default level Next click the button privacy Tab Go and click default button Finally click on OK


  • How can I find my ad


Most of the people question us why they are not able to view their post immediately? This is a very common query from all. We hereby inform that all ads are needed to be verified by our expert team. After successful verification we will publish your ad within 24 hours. In spite of that, if you are not able to view your ads then there will be a problem with your browser that is not allowing our cookies. Hence, you need to check on that to allow the cookies so that you can see your ad on time.


  • Why my account is inactive?


When you register with us for the first time you need to verify your email address with us. After verification we will send you an activation link which you need to click and then your account with us will be activated. If you face problem here and you do not receive the activation link then you should contact with us. We can manually activate your account. Here you are requested to include the username with us immediately so that we can activate your account.


  • Facing problem during uploading photos


All the photos that you will upload with our classified site should always be of Jpeg or GIF or PNG format. Again, you should have adobe flash to upload the photos. Hence, if you do not have that recent version you can download it. Still if you are facing problem with uploading all images at a time, you can upload one picture with Edit ad screen


  • How to retreive my login password?


In the Login form, click on the Forgot Password? link and enter your email id you have given while registration and then your password will be sent to your email id.



Questions about Posting An Ad

  • How can I edit, repost or delete my Ad from the site?

Once you need to edit an ad, you need to go to the edit option. Then you choose the option you wish for and click on the update. However, you can not see the edited option immediately on site as our team will first verify the edited version then it will be posted on the site. Every original ad can be edited after expiration of 7 days since the date of first post. Similarly you can repost or delete the Ad buy login in to your account.

  • How long do Ads last on the site?

As per our policy all ads will be there on our site for a maximum period of 30 days. Our team will inform the users three days prior to expiring of your ad. Here you can choose the option either to relink the ad or to cancel the site. You need to log in with our site and choose the right option.

  • How to register my ad?

Here you have the opportunity to free registration with Here you need to create your own Username and password. We will only ask your Email address. You should never spam our members or lease the list members we have. You can follow our privacy policy to get more details.

  • When my ad will be posted?

All ads will be posted after proper scrutiny. Whether it is a small ad or a not, every ad needs to be verified by our professionals so that no ad can avoid our terms and conditions. All ads are approved during working hours only and will be posted during working days.

  • Are all edited ads are scrutinized too?

Yes every single ad is gone under our scrutiny even if you make any simple addition or deletion to that.

  • How to respond to an ad?

Every user needs to reply to the ad and phone number or email address should be there. This will improve seller's reliability.

  • How can I cancel my ad?

Cancellation an ad is also very simple process. You can select the button cancel in the ad list and click on it. It will be cancelled from the site but you can see this your ad on the ad list.

  • How can I post a free item?

You need to click on POST an Ad option once you try to post any free item in our classified site.

  • How to post for any lost item or lost pets?

You can post ads for any lost product or lost pets. There is lost and found category from where you can post your ad

  • How to post a featured Ad?

You can post featured ads by using featured Ad button ad the time of Ad Post. Only 1 Free Featured Ad in a month is allotted for 1 user.



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